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    Products I Recommend & Playbook Equiptment

    All of these products I have bought with my own money and are not sponsored. All affiliate commission made will go towards the Aquaponics Turkey Rescue Ranch that I hope to build in 2020.  Than you for supporting me!

    For all of my favorite things from skin care to vitamins, please go to my recommends page on Amazon! 

     Olaplex Hair Treatment

    This is the most amazing stuff for anti-breakage. It will make your hair so soft and strong! I have been using olalplex for 3 years now, 2 times a month. It is AMAZING stuff and well worth the money! For all my hair care recommends click here.

     Organic Manuka Skin Cream

    This is literally the best moisturizer I have ever used! All natural and it has really helped my eczema!


     Magnesium Flakes 

     These flakes are amazing! If you are having back pain or sore muscles, 1 full cup in a warm bath will make such a difference! 

    Topical Probiotic spray for Acne/Eczema/Psoriasis

    This stuff is amazing! I've been using and I have seen such a difference in my skin! I highly recommend it!

    For all my skin care recommends click here.

    Click here for ALL my Amazon Favorite Items

    Playbook Program Equiptment

    For my Programs on my Playbook App, the following equipment is needed for some programs.


      I use the 20lb bar and 10lb soft medicine ball but you may use heavier depending on your fitness level. 




    Exercise ball workouts, I use this ball, size medium
    For Foam Roller, I use 18 or 24 inches