Welcome to Metabolic Movements!

This 4-week program is designed to help women increase their metabolism, tone, build muscle, and help balance hormones. Each day is thoughtfully planned out to eliminate stress, increase energy, build strength, flexibility, and help burn calories!

Monday: dynamic practice

Tuesday: build lean muscle

Wednesday: core + more

Thursday: breathwork

Friday: build lean muscle

Saturday: yoga practice

Sunday: rest and recovery

For the next 4 weeks, all you need a set of hand weights and a set of yoga blocks. Join the private FB group for community and support! Let’s do this, team!

Let's Begin!

Let’s Move It

Week 1, Day 1

41 minutes

Day 1 of Metabolic Movements! Get ready for some dynamic strength-building movements! Let’s go!

Mood Movement

Week 1, Day 2

35 minutes

It’s day 2! Grab your weights and meet me on your mat! You got this!


Level Up Your Core

Week 1, Day 3

44 minutes

Day 3! Time to Level Up Your Core work with this awesome class. Grab two yoga blocks and let’s do this! Enjoy!

Square Breathing

Week 1, Day 4

5 minutes

It’s time to slow down and breathe! Join me for just 5 minutes of square breathing. Please watch this introduction video!


Fire It Up

Week 1, Day 5

35 minutes

It’s FriYAY! Grab a light set of weights and let’s have fun!

Balance It Out

Week 1, Day 6

38 Minutes

It’s the end of week 1! You made it! Time for some Yoga!

Let’s Get Moving

Week 2, Day 1

40 minutes

Week 2! You did it! Join me on your mat and Let’s get moving!

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Fire

Week 2, Day 2

40 minutes

Time to find your hidden fire with this awesome dynamic Yoga and Pilates class. Enjoy!

Fusion Fire Class

Week 2, Day 3

33 minutes

It’s hump day! Nothing better to get us through the week than some Fusion fire! Have fun!

Square Breathing

Week 2, Day 4

5 minutes

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for our breathing break. You may follow this video or breathe on your own!

What The Fusion

Week 2, Day 5

43 Minutes

Friday is here, and that means it’s time to have some fun. Grab your weights, and let’s go!

Free Flowing

Week 2, Day 6

38 minutes

It’s the end of the week is here, and it is time for Yoga! Join Phineas and me for this awesome flow.

Yo Cardio

Week 3, Day 1

35 minutes

It’s week 3! Nothing can stop you now! This heart-pumping class is a great way to start your week! Let’s go, team!

Fusion Fitness 

Week 3, Day 2

34 minutes

Time for some strength building. Grab a light set of weights and enjoy the burn!

Core Plus More

Week 3, Day 3

31 minutes

Wednesdays were made for core work! Let’s do this. Have fun, team!

Square Breathing

Week 3, Day 3

5 minutes

Let’s de-stress and regulate our nervous system. Follow along with the video, or breathe on your own! Enjoy another round of square breathing!

Good Things Come to Those Who Weight

Week 3, Day 5

33 minutes

Good things will indeed come to those who WEIGHT! Grab some, and let’s go!

All The Tight Spaces

Week 3, Day 6

34 minutes

You did it! Week 3 is done! Time for some power yoga to stretch out and increase flexibility. Enjoy!

In The Mood To Move

Week 4, Day 1

30 minutes

WOW! It’s week 4! Only a few days left of this challenge! I hope you are in the mood to move, but if not, this class will help! Have fun!

Arms, Abs, and Legs

Week 4, Day 2

33 minutes

This amazing class will have your arms and legs on fire! Have fun today!

Fusion Power

Week 4, Day 3

45 minutes

Time to spice things up with Fusion Power! Don’t quit now; you got this!

Square Breathing

Week 4, Day 4

5 minutes

You are doing amazing! Time for another round of square breathing. Enjoy your practice!


Week 4, Day 5

39 minutes

You’ve made it! it’s FriYAY! We are working our legs today so grab some weights and let’s get LEGtastic!

Lift It Up

Week 4, Day 6

52 minutes

You did it! You completed the entire challenge! Yay, you! Lift it Up is an awesome yoga sculpt class to finish off your month! Enjoy!