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Precision Decision

This dynamic mat Pilates class will burn your entire body using bodyweight only. The focus of this class is precision!

Thoracic Bombastic

Is your upper back and neck tight? If so, this is the class for you! Grab a yoga strap and two yoga blocks, and let’s work the upper back!

Pump Perfection

Check out day 1 of my Perfect10 program! Grab a set of heavy, medium, and light dumbbells so that you can increase or decrease depending on your needs. We will get a great burn today! Let's go, team!

Balance It Out

This awesome yoga flow will help flush the lymphatic system and leave you feeling amazing!

Bombshell Abs

Want something short but killer? You will love this workout! Try this bombshell abs class!

Hamstring Help Yoga Practice

Tight hamstrings? I got you! this class will help you unlock the secrets to having flexible hamstrings. Enjoy!

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