Here you will find all the equipment and products that I recommend!


All Leggings Nutrition Equipment Favorites Beauty Yoga Mats

I use the 55 and the 65cm for my classes. Please use the size chart to determine which is the best size for you.


Stability Balls

This is a great addition to your Pilates Practice! A MUST HAVE!


Small Ball

I use this package of bands for my classes. I have the 12″ bands. They are durable and won’t snap and break! You can choose the desired resistance you want for each class.


Resistance Bands

Adding a few pounds to your Pilates classes will increase muscle tone and help prevent osteoporosis.


Hand Weights

These blocks are great for modifying your practice. These Gaiam blocks are well made and I love the colors!


Basic Yoga Blocks

Literally the best mat I’ve ever used! Ethical, environmentally safe, grippy, and absorbs sweat. I HIGHLY recommend these yoga mats. Please use “BEACHYOGAGIRL” for 10% off

Yoga Mats

Liforme Yoga Mats

These are so fun and really made well! I have wore and washed over 20 times and they still look amazing!


Core 10 Rebel High Waist

Honestly, I get so many questions about these leggings when I wear them. They are so SOFT! Such a great pair of leggings!


Core 10 Nearly Naked

These pants are so soft! They don’t have any compression but they are great for lounging around the house. The waistband is very high and can be rolled down. For the price, these are great!


DIBAOLO Yoga Pants Cutout Ripped

JoJo’s Chocolate is the best vegan snack around. It really does curb your cravings! Support this small mom and pop company! Use “beachyoga” for 30% OFF your order.


JoJo’s Chocolate

I love this product! Great for cross training. Use “beachyogagirl” for 15% off


Flex Disc Fit

This is my Amazon Shop page! Everything that I bought, use and love!


Amazon Shop

This product saved my hair! If you are struggling with hair breakage, this product is a life saver!



I absolutely love dry brushing! You can do this right before you shower to help exfoliation as well as it helps to increase blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage.


Dry Brush

This is the most amazing oil for your hair! I swear by it!! It smells amazing and keeps your hair from breaking! Use BYG10 for $10 OFF!


Miracle Fruit Oil

My favorite shampoo and conditioner! Smells so amazing!

Vegan & Cruelty Free!


Shea Moisture Superfruit Combo

This product completes helped my eczema and acne when I went into menopause. It really works! It promotes a healthy brain, thyroid, bones, energy levels and mood. I highly recommend!


Sea Moss and Bladderwrack

You will be SHOCKED at how well this product works. My husband and I did this for 30 days and both had an awesome experience. It is gentle but very effective at cleaning you out!


Happy Colon