Length: 2 Weeks
Avg. Duration: 34 Minutes (27-40)
Days per Week: 5 + 1 Optional
Difficulty: All Levels
Body Focus: Total Body
Equipment: Small Pilates Ball & Large Stability Ball
Training Type: Balance/Agility, Cardiovascular,
Low Impact, Pilates, Strength Training, Toning,

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Core Stability Program

Get a Strong Core!

Yes, core work can be fun!

Do you struggle with training your core? 

Do you deal with back pain?

Often times if our core is weak we will struggle with chronic back pain. Not only that but having a weak core can lead to anxiety and depression. It can be so hard to motivate ourselves to train our deep core muscles especially if we don’t know how!

Being a teacher and coach for the last 18 years, I understand the mistakes people make when training their core. That is why I have put together the 14 day CORE STABILITY PROGRAM!

This two week program uses a small and a large stability ball to help you target those deep core muscles during the ENTIRE SESSION! You will gain strength in your entire body while focusing on training the core.

Why is core work so important?

Science has proven that training your core helps reduce stress and keeps your spine and pelvis stable. When your spine and pelvis are stable, you feel better, look better and you prevent injuries and chronic back pain.

Through functional movement, yoga, and Pilates, we will train the entire body using stability balls while we target the deep core.

BENIFITS of this program:

  • gain strong core muscles
  • increased energy
  • less chronic pain and inflamation
  • less stress and anxiety
  • improved sleep
  • faster metabolism
  • better overal function of the entire body
  • you will find the “fun” in training your core

What you get:

  • 11 classes
  • 2 bonus deep core classes
  • Access to my private BYG members only FaceBook Group.
  • Ask me questions and connect with other BYG members!
  • 14 days of programing so you don’t have to think about it!
  • Choose lifetime access or become a member to unlock all my classes and programs! That’s over 140 classes!
  • Become consistent through practice!
  • Gain strength, flexibility, stamina and a ROCKIN’ CORE!

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Core Stability

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