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Metabolic Movements Program

This 4-week program is for anyone who struggles with their metabolism! It is a great program for women over 40 or those in menopause. Join the Instagram challenge that starts on January 4th, 2021!


Bantastic Body is a 4-week program that uses resistance bands with Pilates and Yoga movements. This program is for all levels.

You will want a set of loop resistance bands for this program. Click below for more info.



Core Stability is a 14-day program for all levels. This program is designed primarily for those who are wanting a strong core.

You will need a small and large stability ball for this program. Click below for more info.


The 2020 Reset program is great for those wanting consistency in their practice. This program is also great for beginners.

No equipment is needed for this program, but participants may want two yoga blocks for their practice. Click below for more info.

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