Welcome to Bandtastic Body!

This is a 4-week program to shape and tone your body using resistance bands, Pilates & Yoga.

Each day will be different and has been thoughtfully planned out so that you feel energized, gain strength, flexibility, and endurance.

For the next 4 weeks, all you need is a set of loop resistance bands. Fabric bands will work for some of the exercises, but I recommend the stretchy rubber bands for this program. Please visit my products to see what products I am using. Join the private FB group for community and support!

Let’s do this!


Bantastic Basics

Week 1, Day 1

33 minutes

Welcome to DAY 1  of Bandtastic Body! We are starting off with Bantastic Basics to help you understand the program and how to use the bands. Make sure to have several different strengths of loop bands for this entire program. Beginners may choose light resistance or no resistance at all. This is going to be a fun journey!

Let’s go!

Shape Shifter

Week 1, Day 2

31 minutes

It’s day 2! How are you feeling today? Maybe a little sore? If so, that’s great and if not, that is also ok! Some people get sorer than others and it is not necessarily an indication of “hard work” or if you are gaining muscle tone. You can always increase your resistance for this class if you want a deeper burn. This is a lower body and core, intensive class! Enjoy!

Smoldering Shoulders

Week 1, Day 3

33 minutes

Day 3 has a strong focus on shoulders and core! This class has lots of unique exercises that will confuse your core into working harder! You will want several different strength bands for this class to be able to switch them out as needed. Get ready to have some fun while you sweat! 


Yoga Stretch

Week 1, Day 4

33 minutes

Here we are, it’s day 4! By now, you should be feeling some muscles that you didn’t know existed! Don’t worry however, today’s practice is all about stretching and recovering our tight muscles. This class will be a nice change of pace and will make you feel amazing. No bands or other equipment needed. 

Have fun!

Dig Deep

Week 1, Day 5

31 minutes

Who’s ready to get back to using our bands! This class is a full-body workout using the medium to heavy resistance bands. Phineas my sweet rescue pup joins us for this workout as well which is a nice distraction at times! 🙂 Don’t be afraid to grab the heavier bands today because tomorrow you can decide to take a class or take a rest!

Have fun!


Week 1, Day 6 – Bonus

20 Minutes

Are you in the mood for a very short, but effective arm workout?! This class delivers in just 20 minutes. Tomorrow is REST day so feel free to give it your all. Grab a set of light bands and meet me on your mat for this armTASTIC workout!


Abs Only

Week 2, Day 1

23 minutes

Welcome to week 2! You are doing amazing! Today we have a short but as always, effective workout to start your week off right! This class focuses on your core but don’t let that fool you! We will be using lots of other muscles throughout our class. Enjoy!

Bandtastic Barre

Week 2, Day 2

30 minutes

Okay, friends! Grab yourself a chair and some light & heavy bands and prepare to sweat! This class works the entire body in just 30 minutes. Choose your bands wisely and make sure to have options to switch out if you want more burn or less burn. Enjoy!

Long & Strong

Week 2, Day 3

22 minutes

This short class packs a strong punch! We will be focusing on the lower body today using a heavy band and a chair. Don’t be afraid to go heavy on resistance. I designed this class short for that very reason. Have fun!

Feel Fantastic

Week 2, Day 4

38 minutes

Today is our Yoga day! Yay! We need this class to stretch out our sore and tight muscles to help them recover. This Feel Fantastic class will stretch the hips, hamstrings, and open up the front of the body. You might want two yoga blocks to modify your practice. Enjoy!

Booty + Back & Arms

Week 2, Day 5

40 Minutes

Today’s full-body practice is packed with new and interesting moves that will make you sweat! We will work the entire body during the next 40 minutes. All you need is the light or medium band for this class. 

Have fun, team!

Yeah… Butt

Week 2, Day 6 – Bonus

13 minutes

Yeah… Butt is all about our booty! If you are feeling like adding in a quick glute burner class, this one is for you! Grab a heavy resistance band and meet me over on your mat!

Enjoy the burn!

All About That Booty Band

Week 3, Day 1

36 minutes

It’s week 3! You are doing fantastic, or should I say BANDTASTIC! Keep going! This week is going to focus a lot on the lower body. Today’s class is a heat building booty burn class using a medium to heavy resistance band. This class is sure to fire up your core as well. Let’s keep this momentum going! Nothing can stop you now! 

Double Trouble

Week 3, Day 2

35 minutes

Are you ready to work that upper body while we work the core and legs? That’s exactly what this class does! Using two bands, we will combine them for a unique way to tone and shape our bodies. Listen carefully at the beginning of how to set up your bands for success! 

Enjoy the burn!


Week 3, Day 3

38 minutes

This full-body class uses the heavy and light bands to give you an incredible workout for your entire body. Tomorrow is a Yoga stretch day, so don’t be afraid to go for it! Your booty and arms will love you for it! 

Have fun, team!

Raise Your Vibe

Week 3, Day 3

28 minutes

This class is perfect to stretch out both the hips and shoulders in just 28 minutes. This class offers some challenging yet restorative postures like shoulder stand, plow pose, and headstand but don’t worry if you aren’t there, I will give options for you!


Resurrect Your Glutes

Week 3, Day 5

29 minutes

It’s week 3, day 5! How do you feel?  Your body is loving this consistency! Today, we are going to focus on working the smaller gluteus muscles as well as the core. Grab a heavy band and meet me on your mat.

Let’s go!

For Your Arms Only

Week 3, Day 6 – Bonus

14 minutes

You did it! Week 3 is done! If you are looking to keep up this amazing consistency, but your buns need a break, this is an ARMS ONLY quick, 14-minute burn! All you need for this class is a light resistance band.


Band Burn Shoulders & Core

Week 4, Day 1

23 minutes

OMG! It’s week 4! You’ve made it! Just a few more days left! Today’s class is short but effective! in just 23 minutes we will work the shoulders and core. Grab a medium resistance band and let’s burn it out!

Have fun!

Quick Booty Burn

Week 4, Day 2

27 minutes

This is such a great and challenging workout. I am using an x-heavy band in this class for both my arms and my legs. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to do everything in this class. Try your best and let go of the rest! 

Have fun today!

24 Minute Burn

Week 4, Day 3

24 minutes

Legs, arms, core… and more! Today’s class will get your heart rate up and make you sweat! There are some tough combinations in this class transitioning from the floor to standing, so you might want yoga blocks or a chair next to you for assistance. Remember, it’s not about doing it perfectly, but instead how you show up to do the work!  You got this!

Heart Opening Fire Class

Week 4, Day 4

41 minutes

Yay for Yoga! Today’s class is all about the shoulders, front body, and hips! This is exactly what we need right now to help our muscles recover from the band work. Grab a strap or something similar, two yoga blocks, and meet me on your mat!

Enjoy your practice!

Hard Core + More

Week 4, Day 5

32 minutes

You’ve made it! Today is the official last day of this 4 week Bandtastic Program. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! Today’s class lives up to its name. Grab a medium and heavy band to work the entire body one last time. Please let me know in the FaceBook group how you have enjoyed this program!

Way to go, team!

Band Burn Out

Week 4, Day 6 – Bonus

24 minutes

You are amazing! Way to go for it with this last bonus day! This workout is no joke and is the longest of all the bonus classes. We will work the entire body using light and heavy bands. This is a non-stop voice-over instruction class that will leave you feeling BANDTASTIC!