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We are getting STRONG this August and working on Peak Yoga Poses! Each class has been carefully picked to give you a well-rounded practice!
You will need loop bands and a Large Stability Ball for this month. You will also need some light hand weights or just two water bottles!
This challenge is five days a week. To swap out any of the classes, please use the class directory! I encourage you to post in our private Facebook Group to help inspire others and stay accountable.
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  2. Level Up Your Core •44 minutes→Pilates Mat Core
  3. Make My Legs Burn •28 minutes→Large Ball Lower Body
  4. Flying Lizard Practice •43 minutes→YOGA Peak Pose SKILL
  6. NEW Strong Arms and CORE •28 minutes→Large Stability Ball Upper Body
  7. Pushing Through the Struggle •30 minutes→Mind/Body

  9. Rock The Block •40 minutes→Pilates Mat Core
  10. Long and Strong •22 minutes→Resistance Band Lower Body
  11. Pigeon Pose Practice •37 minutes→YOGA Peak Pose SKILL
  12. REST DAY
  13. NEW ARM-Y Lovers 28 Minutes→Large Stability Ball/Resistance Band Upper Body
  14. Raise Your Vibe •28 minutes→Mind/Body

  15. REST DAY
  16. Oblique Obsession  •35 minutes→Pilates Mat *optional weights Core
  17. NEW BootyFul Band Workout •29 minutes→Resistance Band Lower Body
  18. Quest for the Headstand Press •30 minutes→YOGA Peak Pose SKILL
  19. REST DAY
  20. ArmTastic •21 minutes→Resistance Band Upper Body
  21. Comfy Cozy Yoga30 Minutes→YOGA Mind/Body

  22. REST DAY
  23. Block SHOCK•21 minutes→Pilates Mat Core
  24. Stability Ball Sizzler 30 Minutes→Large Stability Ball Lower Body
  25. NEW Wild Thing Practice •37 minutes→YOGA Peak Pose SKILL
  26. REST DAY
  27. Stability Ball Arm and Ab Blast30 Minutes→Large Stability Ball Upper Body
  28. NEW Focused Flow •33 minutes→YOGA Mind/Body

  29. REST DAY
  30. Happy Hips Core & Backside •21 minutes→Pilates Mat Core
  31. Lower Body Stability Ball Burn30 Minutes→Large Stability Ball Lower Body


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Core 10 Rebel High Waist


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  1. Kodel Cunningham

    Love live the monthly challenges!!