Welcome to the

January Challenge

Starts on January 4th!

It is January 2021! I’m so excited to share this month’s challenge with you! Head over to my Metabolic Movements page to check out the daily schedule of classes for my BYG members only.

If you are not a BYG member, take the free 7-day trial!

I will also be posting one fun exercise from class each day on Instagram! You can join this challenge there as well.

All you need to get started is a set of light hand weights although, you can do this challenge with no weight at all.

I encourage you to post in our Private Facebook Group to help inspire others and stay accountable.

If you want to switch out a class, go to the class directory to find a replacement that suits your needs better!

We are going to increase our muscle tone, de-stress, and rev up our metabolism this month!

All levels are welcome to try this challenge!

For equipment I recommend, click here.

FOR BYG Members and NON-Members:

Want FREE Swag from Miami Fit Wear?

Participate on Instagram and you will be entered in to win some RAD leggings!

5 lucky winners will be chosen from the hashtag #metabolicmovementschallenge on Instagram at the end of the month!

To qualify for the raffle of some pretty awesome swag:

  1. Take a screenshot or use the Repost app and post this collage below to your Instagram feed and/or stories!
  2. TAG a few friends on this post and encourage them to join in too!
  3. Follow @beachyogagirl, @miamifitwear, and #metabolicmovementschallenge
  4. Each day try the exercise (I will post the night before) and then post about it on your Instagram.
  5. Tag @beachyogagirl, @miamifitwear, and #metabolicmovementschallenge to be entered into the raffle for FREE SWAG!

Let’s do this, team!

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Basic Yoga Blocks


Long Resistance Band


Dry Brush

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