Power Up! October Challenge!

If you are looking for something to push you into next month and you need a little help, I have planned out the next 30 days for you! This challenge is for anyone who is looking to increase their strength, balance their mind, and love stepping on their mat 5 days a week. This challenge mixes up Yoga, Fusion & Pilates with one day a week focused on learning something new! You will need a set of light hand weights (or use two water bottles), a Pilates small ball, and optional Yoga blocks. For equipment I recommend, click here.

Print PDF here:

October Challenge PDF
  • Monday’s = Start the week off with POWER
  • Tuesday’s = Learn a peak pose
  • Wednesday’s = REST
  • Thursday’s = Energy practice to get you through the week
  • Friday’s = Toning and shaping for strong muscles
  • Saturday’s = Mindfulness Yoga practice
  • Sunday’s = Optional practice

All levels are welcome to try this challenge!

Active class links below!

Day 1: Energize & Let Go!
Day 2: BallMazing
Day 3: Saturday Yoga Flow
Day 4: Rest Day or Get Yoga Abs
Day 5: Arms, Abs & Legs
Day 6: Flying Lizard Practice
Day 7: Rest
Day 8: Fusion Fitness
Day 9: OMG Core
Day 10: Sunday Yoga
Day 11: Rest Day or Arm & Ab Burn
Day 12: Fusion Fire Class
Day 13: Splits Practice
Day 14: Rest
Day 15: Lower Half Quick Core
Day 16: Fusion Power
Day 17: Vinyasa Fusion Flow
Day 18: Rest or Continual Core
Day 19: Make It Burn
Day 20: Step Through It
Day 21: Rest
Day 22: Feel Good Flow
Day 23: Amazing Legs and Core
Day 24: Twist & Bend
Day 25: Rest or Block Shock
Day 26: Fire It Up
Day 27: Chaturanga Dandasana Practice
Day 28: Rest
Day 29: Power 45
Day 30: Lower Body Tone Shape
Day 31: Gratitude Power Flow



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Basic Yoga Blocks


DIBAOLO Yoga Pants Cutout Ripped


Resistance Bands

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