YO30 Challenge

This challenge is 5 or 6 days a week for 30 minutes each day. You will have a wonderful blend of yoga and Pilates to help you be consistent and feel amazing!

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Click below to open the PDF you can save to your phone or computer for reference!

Open PDF YO30

Week 1

Day 1: Just Flowing

Day 2: Body Basics

Day 3: Good Morning Yoga

Day 4: Make It Burn

Day 5: Just Get On Your Mat

Day 6: Arms, Abs & Legs

Week 2

Day 1: Meet Me On Your Mat

Day 2: Resurrect Your Glutes

Day 3: Step Through It

Day 4: Stability Ball Blast

Day 5: Bedtime Yoga

Day 6: Bird Dog Burn

Week 3

Day 1: Side Bend Fusion Flow

Day 2: Batman Bootie Pilates

Day 3: Stress Release

Day 4: Lower Body Tone and Shape

Day 5: Focus Like a Fire Fly

Day 6: Lower Half Quick Core

Week 4

Day 1: Peace Love and Length

Day 2: Fit To The Core

Day 3: Infused Core

Day 4: Stability Shaper

Day 5: Restore and Recharge

Day 6: Booty Band 24 Min Burn



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