Welcome to the 2020 Reset Program!

This is a 30 day challenge for all levels to practice yoga, Pilates and meditation for 30 days!

Each day will be different and has been thoughtfully planned out so that you feel energized, gain strength, flexibility and endurance.

All 30 days is body weight only, however, some of the classes require a yoga block, strap or optional pillows/bolster. Please visit my products page on Amazon to see what products I am using.

Please remember to join the private FB group and join in the challenge!


Core 101

25 Minutes, Day 1

Welcome to DAY 1 ! I’m so excited for you on this journey! Today, you are going to learn all about the deep core muscles. If you are wondering where to start with training your core muscles, this class will teach you!

Beginner Yoga Strength

25 Minutes, Day 2

Day 2! This practice focuses on classic yoga strength postures such as Sun Salutations, Warrior 1, Triangle Pose, and Tree pose. Great introduction to the standing strength postures in Yoga. All levels are welcome to take this class. You may want 2 yoga blocks for this class.

Tighten That Transverse

28 Minutes, Day 3

Day 3! Today we learn more about the deep core while you strengthen it! This 30 minutes class will help you become aware of this amazing muscle in your deep core. You will need two yoga blocks for this class! All levels.

Rest Day

Rest, Day 4

Day 4 is rest day however, I want you to be active! You get to decide how to spend 20-30 minutes being active. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, or play with your kids, pets, or friends outside!

Restorative Flow

45 Minutes, Day 5

Day 5! This full-body yoga practice is gentle, yet you will still get an awesome workout (for mind and body)! We will connect inward to hear what the body is telling us! 🙂 You will want a yoga strap and optional yoga blocks for this class.

Core on the Go

14 Minutes, Day 6

Day 6! This class is short and sweet! It is a quick core workout that will give you some energy but won’t exhaust you! Please modify this class as needed by keeping your head on the ground and avoiding any crunches. This class is safe for new Moms and those with back pain. Please listen to your body!

Manifesting Abundance

6 Minutes, Day 7

Day 7 is your REST day but we still practice mindfulness even when we don’t physically move our bodies. Do you want to know how to manifest abundance in your life? This very simple meditation will help you connect to your inner world of abundance.

Mind-Body Yoga

41 Minutes, Day 8

You made it to week 2! How are you doing? This class is all about the mind-body connection. We have touched on it in the other classes, but this class will teach you about tuning into the body and understanding how we can use the mind-body connection during our practice.

It is all levels and an informative yet awesome energizing flow. Optional yoga blocks may be useful during this class. Enjoy!

Arm and Ab Blast

21 Minutes, Day 9

Day 9! We are back to toning and shaping the body with Pilates! This bodyweight-only pilates class will have your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs burning! This class packs quite a punch (no pun intended) in just 22 minutes!

Stress Release

26 Minutes, Day 10

Day 10! We need a little restorative practice today. This class is a quick practice to help you release stress in your back, neck and hips. You will want a yoga strap for this class.

Rest Day

0 Minutes, Day 11

Day 11 is another active rest day! Do something fun! You get to decide how to spend 20-30 minutes being active. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, or play with your kids, pets, or friends outside!

12 Minute Core

12 Minutes, Day 12

How are you doing? Hang in there…. you got this! For day 12, it is short and sweet. This class is the perfect amount of movement for all we have done so far in this challenge! It moves fast and will get your heart rate up and kill your core!

Just Flowing

37 Minutes, Day 13

For day 13, class is just a little over 30 minutes and it works the ENTIRE body! It has a few challenging postures like Flying Lizard Pose but I will give you options to modify. Remember, it is all about you stepping on your mat. That is half the battle!

Goodness Meditation

9 Minutes, Day 14

You made it to the end of week 2! I’m so impressed! For day 14, we are focusing on goodness. This meditation is for anyone who wants to manifest more of the good things in their life. Focusing on what is good already will help you let go of what isn’t working and help you manifest more of what is.

Bird Dog Burn

32 Minutes, Day 15

Week 3! You are doing amazing – keep up the good work! This bodyweight-only pilates class will fire up your glutes and core! This is a perfect way to reignite the body!

Good Morning Yoga

31 Minutes, Day 16

Day 16 is a gentle beautiful yoga flow that is perfect in the morning but is also great any time of the day. It will energize you and make you feel amazing. You may want two yoga blocks for this practice. Remember, you are amazing!

Fusion Flow

36 Minutes, Day 17

Day 17 is all about fusion! Blending the most amazing moves from yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. You will enjoy the blend of all three disciplines throughout this class. Day 17 is sure to inspire you and awaken muscles that you may have forgotten about!

Rest Day

0 Minutes, Day 18

Day 18! Active rest day! I want you to be active! You get to decide how to spend 20-30 minutes being active.

Happy Hips Core & Backside

32 Minutes, Day 19

Day 19 we work on our hips! I know, ouch, right! Hip flexors are one of the most neglected parts of our bodies. This is an amazing class that works all the muscles of the posterior chain to help you align, strengthen, and stretch the hips. We work the inner & outer thighs, hamstrings, glutes, and of course the CORE!

This class is bodyweight only and will tone, sculpt, and shape the body. All levels. Enjoy!

Continual Core

13 Minutes, Day 20

You are at the end of week 3! You are doing amazing. Today, we are working the core with this very short 13-minute class.

You got this!


5 Minutes, Day 21

Wow! Day 21! Can you believe it? You are doing so well! Today we are going to focus on patience because we are gearing up for the final week of this RESET challenge.

This meditation is a simple way to help you learn to enjoy being patient.

Side Bend Fusion Flow

30 Minutes, Day 22

Day 22! We are here at the final week. Don’t stop now, you’ve come this far! This class focuses on lateral flexion working the obliques, QL, and of course the core!

Today’s practice will inspire you to keep pushing through!

Hamstring Help

31 Minutes, Day 23

Day 23 we are talking all about the hamstrings! I know how frustrating it can be to have limited flexibility in your hamstrings, but did you know that strengthening the muscles that support the pelvic will make a difference?

Restore and Recharge

34 Minutes, Day 24

For day 24, we are taking it a little slow. This amazing practice will not only restore you but also give you a little bit of energy to finish out the day.


Rest Day

0 Minutes, Day 25

Day 25 is rest day however, I want you to be active! You get to decide how to spend 20-30 minutes being active. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, or play with your kids, pets, or friends outside!


19 Minutes, Day 26

Day 26! You are doing so amazing! I’m super impressed by your dedication to your practice. For today, class is short and sweet to help you finish out this challenge. Just enough movement to give you energy and make you feel amazing. You will only need your own body weight for this class.

All levels will enjoy this class.

Pilates Blaster 24

24 Minutes, Day 27

Day 27! Hang in there you are close to the finish! This awesome full body fusion class will challenge your core in just 24 minutes! Today we are going to blend yoga, and pilates to stretch and strengthen.

Tomorrow is a rest day so feel free to go for it!

Navigating Rough Waters

8 Minutes, Day 28

Day 28 This very short mediation will help you when you are going through times in your life where you feel like things are out of your control.

Enjoy your day off!

Bedtime Yoga for Good Sleep

33 Minutes, Day 29

Day 29! So close to the end! This is an amazing yoga practice to help you sleep! It can be done at night time or any time of the day! It’s also great for anyone with chronic pain and/or inflammation.

All levels. Enjoy!

Mandala Flow

40 Minutes, Day 30

Day 30! You made it!! WOW! I’m really excited for you! 30 days of practice is a BIG DEAL. I want you to celebrate this moment!